Thursday, September 1, 2011

Documenting Your Claim Against a Hacker or Spammer

 1. You need to capture the hacker's Facebook id with a screenshot; make sure that the date and time is displayed when you capture the screenshot showing the hacker's id.

2. In the description of the photo, copy and paste the hacker's full name, his customized name, and his Fbk id number.

3. Produce a screenshot showing the information you consider to be spam, phishing scam, or whatever. Make a brief statement as to why you consider the information to be spam, phishing scam, or whatever is applicable.

4. Provide the proof with screenshots to show that what you allege against the account is true. For example, if it is spam, show with screenshots that the person is not on your friend's list by searching for the person's name and showing the result of the search. If it is a phishing scam, provide information to substantiate why it is a phishing scam.

5. If you decided to block the person, show with a screenshot that you've done so.

6. If you reported the party to Facebook, produce a screenshot of the information that you sent to Facebook.

7. Lastly, you would need to show that the party has repeatedly committed the violations that you allege in order to have the party's account disabled. To accomplish that, make a status update and ask your friends if the party has spammed them or sent them a phishing post as well. Add your friend's testimony to the album of screenshots that you created to back up your claim.

8. Most hackers change the name on their account on a regular basis, but since they can never change the Fbk id associated with a given account, you can always follow up on the account to show how often the hacker changes his or her full name in a given period of time. The way you do that is by visiting the hacker's profile by using the Facebook id that you captured in the past and then show that on a given date you navigated to the party's profile and at that time the same account id is using a different name.

9. You should occasionally return to the profile to capture any posts or actions that the party makes in violation of Facebook's terms, and you must remember to show the original Fbk id on the face of each screenshot that you capture to substantiate what you allege.

10. When you have the evidence to backup your claim that the party repeatedly violates Facebook's terms, you should then convey your entire file to Facebook. If your documentation is flawless and you've proved your case beyond reasonable doubt, Facebook will disable the party's account.

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