Sunday, August 28, 2011

How do you protect the copyright on your profile's picture?

1. You navigate to and choose to search for images (clidk on images instead of web on the menu bar).
2. Enter your full legal name in the search box or the name your Facebook account is under.
3. Check every instance of your profile picture to make sure the Facebook id associated with the picture is legit (if the Facebook id associated with your picture is not yours, then someone else is using that picture as theirs).
4. You can check the URL on the picture by right clicking on it; and when the URL is displayed, you can either copy it or check if the URL matches your Facebook id number.
5. If the Facebook URL on the picture doesn't match yours, you need to append the id to the stem, to navigate to the Facebook profile that's using your picture as its own.

6.   If you enter the id number properly and you can't navigate to the site, you need to have a friend check out the site for you to confirm that your picture is being used as someone else's profile picture;
7.   Once you have confirmation that another party is using your profile picture illegally, you can then report the party or have one of your friends report the party for either impersonating you or infrining on your copyright; when filing such a report, you need to have the infringing party's Fbk id number and screenshots proving the infraction; uploading high resolution screenshots in your reporting will make it easier for the proper Facebook team to act on your request;  
8.   See the screenshots below, showing the steps that I take to protect my profile's picture.
Here's the URL to the screenshots of the verification that my profile picture is not being used by anyone else:  When hackers create a fake account on you, sometimes they place a block on you so that you can't navigate to their site.  If you can't navigate to their site, you will not be able to take a screenshot of the fake profile.  That's when you need to either use a friend's account or ask a trusted friend to do it on your behalf.

P.S.  Knowing your Fbk id number by heart is a good idea.  My number is 100001577265169.  I memorized it by dividing it in three strings of five numbers:  10000 15772 65169.  It's much easier to memorize the number that way.

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