Monday, March 19, 2012

Definition Of Love For Medical Students !

Definition : A Serious Disorder Of The Heart Due To Relationship Between A Male and A Female Which Can Sometime Cause Death Of 1 Or Both Depending On The Resistance Associated.
- 1 Way
- 2 Ways

Age And Risk Factors : Usualy Occurs After Puberty But Recent Studies Revealed That It Can Happen In Any Age Group Even In Children.
Sites Affected: Brain And Heart
- Time Pass
- Desired To Be Loved
- Money And Beauty
- Tension
- Sleeplessness
- Daydream
- Tachycardia
- Insomnia
- Phone Addict
- No Concentration
- Diary
- Album
- Books
- Mobile (Most Confirmatory)
Prevention And Treatment:
- It is a non preventable Condition Especially In The First Attacks
- Marriage Is The Best Solution For This Condition


Rezita Oktiana said...

izin share ya kak...that's good words...exatcly,this's fact,yg menimpa gak hanya nak FK tapi anak muda pada umumnya,hho

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MEDICAL and PUBLIC INFO / dr. Virgo said...

sipppp,,,,,,,,,,,,,silahkannn ^_^
ka2k bwt ini kmren lg boring slx dek ^_^
but, thanks for U'r coment & keep reading

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